A search tool for place names

Maps, weather, time, and geographic context for places is a search tool for place names.

The application uses a unique spatial database structure and fuzzy string text matching and user trends to find likely places for any placename. Geographic boundaries for any placename are returned along with continually updated context information, such as the current weather, public health trends, trending twitter topics and news.

Nearby and similar place names are displayed for every place, and all place data may be linked to, exported via GeoJSON format, or published to a printable pdf map.

Developed by Tom Liebert using open source software and data to demonstrate effeceint and responsive spatial data techniques for web applicaitons.

Fuzzy Search

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Link directly to a place

Any place can be linked to directly using the short url, [placename] / [place_id]

The [place_id] is optional, and if not used the link will direct to the most-popular place of that name.


Place boundary data is "open-source", and may be downloaded as a Feature Collection in GeoJson format. Geographic coordinate system and original data source are attributed as feature properties.


The placename search API opens the search and place name matching capabilities to your application. See the documentation for access credentials and available methods.